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Research Solutions

Research Solutions

Do you need to ask your customers or employees about their opinions?
Test an advertising campaign, or measure brand awareness?
Are you introducing a new product to the market?

We offer a professionally designed research that we will set up together exactly as needed.

Marketing Research

  • qualitative research made by in-depth interviews and focus group discussions
  • quantitative on-line research (using an on-line respondent panel of our partner)

Employee Research

  • employee satisfaction and motivation rates
  • specification of employee satisfaction and motivation factors
  • perception and evaluation of employer brand, products/services
  • rate of identification with corporate values
  • perception and evaluation of work atmosphere, work environment, and benefits offered
  • perception and evaluation of leadership, giving tasks, and providing feedback by direct superior and by corporate management
  • perception and evaluation of employee to employee, employee to superior and employee to management communication
  • other as required by the customer, e.g. evaluation of on-boarding, company events, etc.

Media Audits

  • qualitative research performed by personal interviews with journalists (approx. 10 journalists from both electronic and print media) about the perception of communication of your company
  • output in the form of a report describing the perception of communication, strengths and weaknesses, recommendations of specific steps
  • Performed in collaboration with our partner PR agency Arthur media, s.r.o.

Specific timeframes and quotations will be provided upon request.

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