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Psychological Support in Crisis

Psychological Support in Crisis

In what areas will psychological support help in crisis situations?

Correct and focused support of employees in crisis times is important to survive and overcome the crisis.

In crisis times, such as quarantines, organizational changes, and acquisitions of companies, external communication is assisted by PR agencies. However, internal communication is equally important. The support by a psychologist can help with internal communication.

Psychological Support for Managers

– monitoring of mood „setup“ in the company during crisis

– managing unwanted reactions such as negative mood, irritation, frustration, fear, anger

– ways, form, and frequency of communication with employees

– saying thank you, positive feedback, expressing support and solidarity

– underlining visions, goals, positive news

– communicating limitations as well as benefits implied by the situation

Psychological Support for Employees

– individual or group consultations

– space for solving individual problems of employees and for support

– working with unwanted emotions

– working with unwanted ideas

– maintaining work habits and work-rest balance

Psychologist: Mgr. Martin Miler

I have worked with people since graduating in Psychology from the Trnava University in 1998.

I have provided more than 10 000 hours of psychotherapy, 2 500 hours of counselling, 1 000 hours of lecturing/facilitating, 500 hours of supervising, 300 hours of professional lecturing, and 100 hours of coaching.

I was a member of the Council and Presidency of the Slovak Chamber of Psychologists, and later, served as its President.

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